India-based Neutrino Observatory

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25-06-2021INO-PtRC திட்டம் புலிகளின் வழித்தடத்திற்கு இடையூறு விளைவிக்காது. View
25-06-2021INO-PtRC will NOT obstruct the Mathikettan-Periyar Tiger CorridorView
03-11-2018Statement on INO: NGT Upholds EC granted to INO View
19-04-2018Statement on INO from the three Indian science academiesView
31-03-2018Traumatic incident of attempted self-immolation during protests against INO Project - INO Collaboration's heartfelt wishes to Shri RaviView
13-10-20152015 Nobel prize highlights Neutrino PhysicsView
04-03-2015DAE Press Release on INOView
05-01-2015INO ApprovalView
18-06-2014Clarification of some doubts on INO Environmental clearance.View
28-03-2014Misreporting in media that INO is a nuclear waste facility.View
01-10-2012Response to Mr. V.T. Padmanabhan's article on INO in,View
15-11-2012Response to Mr. V.T. Padmanabhan's 2nd article on INO in, View