India-based Neutrino Observatory

Press Release

INO Collaboration's sincere, heartfelt wishes to Shri Ravi
(31 March 2018)

On behalf of India based Neutrino Observatory (INO), we the members of the collaboration would like to express our sincere and heartfelt wishes for the speedy recovery of Shri Ravi who was associated with the protest against the INO project in Madurai on 31 March 2018. We are deeply pained by the self-immolation attempt by Shri Ravi. No protest should warrant placing one's own life in grave danger. We believe that this traumatic turn of events was triggered by a misunderstanding of the facts about INO. We will do our utmost to educate our brothers and sisters and fellow citizens in the area so that such an incident never happens again. INO project is meant to add to the knowledge base of science and and not to imperil the lives and livelihoods of people.

Vivek Datar
Project Director INO
and Senior Professor, INO Cell, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai