India-based Neutrino Observatory

Jun 20th 2014, updated Jul 1, 2014
Sub: Clarification of some doubts on INO Environmental clearance

Recently we have become aware that the INO environmental clearance application has been listed on the Tamil Nadu State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) under the category:

Category/Industry: Nuclear Power Plants, Fuel Processing Plants and Nuclear Waste Management Plants.

This categorisation is ERRONEOUS and we therefore requested the SEIAA to correct the same and provide the present status and this has now been done, as can be seen from the information on their website: SEIAA Web Page . Please search with search string "336" to access INO-related information.

We reiterate that the INO project is a basic sciences project and has absolutely nothing to do with Nuclear power plants, Nuclear fuel processing or Nuclear waste management.

Here is a chronological summary of how the Environment clearance was obtained:

1. The EC application was first submitted to the SEIAA, Tamil Nadu, on 22 April 2010.

2. Upon examination, SEIAA transferred the application to the Secretary, MOEF on 5 May 2010 (SEIAA/TN/F.No.336/2010/ dated 5/5/2010), with the opinion "that this project should appropriately be handled by GOI and proposes to inform the proponent accordingly."

3. The SEIAA informed INO on 13 September 2010 that the application has been tranferred to MOEF and returned the application fee (SEIAA/TN/F.No 336/2010/dated 13 September 2010). That is, the application was not processed further by SEIAA, Tamil Nadu.

4. Following this intimation, a fresh application was made by INO proponents to MOEF, GOI, in November 2010, following which a presentation was made in MOEF, New Delhi, on 20th January, 2011. The Environment clearance was given on 1st June 2011 after all the queries were answered by the proponents including additional clarifications made on 5th April 2011. The clearance documents are available from the INO web-site .

We request all those concerned to PLEASE go through the documents on the INO website above, including the Environmental clearance, to assess the true nature of this project and clear their doubts.

Issued in public interest by

Prof N. K. Mondal,
Project Director,
India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) Project