India-based Neutrino Observatory

   INO in Covid Times   
In these dire times when the CoViD-19 pandemic is sweeping across all countries, the Indian scientific community has come together to support the Indian Government and public with many initiatives. Members of INO Collaboration are contributing to the initiatives described below.

COVID-Gyan is a web portal initiative by academicians from a pan-Indian set of institutions. INO collaboration member Prof Amol Dighe is a member of this group. The portal aims to provide scientific information in multiple languages for general public, for health care professionals and for scientists.
Indian Scientists' Response to CoViD-19 (ISRC) puts out press releases every Monday. Also, it has dedicated pages in many Indian languages (incl Tamil) containing information, hoax busting, etc., that will be useful to the general public. Prof. D. Indumathi (IMSc, Chennai) who is in the INO Collaboration, is a member of the ISRC

Online Classes

INO has switched over to online mode for the conduct of its GTP programs. The graduate students are continuing their course work from their homes.