या प्रयोगाबद्दल आणि प्रकल्पाबद्दल तुमचे काही प्रश्न अथवा शंका असतील तर तुम्ही निःसंकोचपणे आमच्याशी संपर्क साधू शकता. तुम्ही आमच्याशी फेसबुकवर येथे संवाद साधू शकता.

Hear from our students:

Tarak Takore, Graduate Student, INO

I like to know about new stuff, see how science works out in everyday life. As I study for our experiment, I'm also developing skills to enable me to do many other things, that's the best part of it.

Sumanta Pal, Graduate Student, INO

I can touch & feel my detector, modify it and control it. I can do what I want to do with it. This opportunity is quite rare no matter where you go in entire world. My another dream to be an integral part of the Neutrino Phenomenology and to me INO is the best option for that.

Sudeshna Dasgupta, Graduate Student, INO

Working with ICAL electronics provides me with a hands-on experience both in hardware as well as software level and hence an ample scope to learn a lot in these domains. Also I enjoy very much the freedom of doing my work in my own way which makes me feel very much comfortable.

Vivek Singh, Graduate Student, INO

Right now INO is still in its nascent stage and hence gives lot more opportunities for a graduate student to explore and do research on his/her own. The members of the group are closely knit and its a thoroughly enjoyable experience to learn from your advisors, seniors and friends alike.