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Welcome to INO Wiki

The INO Wiki is based on Foswiki, which is a free enterprise collaboration platform. Those who are familiar with the Twiki of CERN will find this identical to use.
This page is under construction right now, as is almost every other page in this Wiki. It is hoped that collaboration members will make this platform richer by adopting a healthy and active wiki culture.

Firstly, what this is not:

  • This INO Wiki implementation does not purport to be another website for INO, but it can surely hold content that is meant for public.
  • This is not a regular document repository, even though it can function as one (soon we will have a full fledged Document Management System)

What it is:

It is a wiki - a collaboration platform, set up for INO collaboration members (only!)
Any collaboration member can create web pages, no need to contact a web-admin for privileges, Web pages (called "topics" in wiki jargon) can be any such as write-ups, blogs, how-to documents, slides, minutes, agendas, questionaires, bulletin boards, blackboards, personal web pages, The built-in WYSIWYG etidor can be used to quickly create a wide variety of web enabled documents,

Who can access the content:

Creating a page is restricted to collaboration members. In keeping with wiki culture, any member can edit a page (unless the creator explicitly sets read/write permissions.)
The creator of a topic/page can chose to enable her/his creation for public view, or can impose fine grained restrictions about exactly who (among the members) can read and who can edit. Users can be made into groups and group level permissions may be put in. Members may chose to subscribe to certain pages/topics, and the Wiki will notify them whenever the subscribed topic/document is edited.


Created content (called "topics") is never deleted. This page that you are reading is one such "topic". Every modification is saved as a new version of the same topic. Older versions can be reverted to if modifications made are not liked/approved. For example, a how-to that describes how to use a software can be edited and updated as and when versions change. To illustrate this utility, one can see that some topics in the LHC experiments's have been modified more than 2000 times over the years, to keep them relevant.
Just as another example: a topic can be created, once and for all, say for agenda points for a particular weekly meeting. The same topic name can be opened every week, made blank and filled with new matter and saved. The Wiki will preserve all old versions as a record of past meetings. So also, for minutes of meetings.

How this Wiki is organized:

A conscious attempt has been made to separate the top level entry points for public and private content. The page that comes on clicking the the "Home" and all the content there-in, is meant to be for unrestricted public viewing, that is, to be viewed without password. Users should make these pages as read-only.
The link "INO Private" is where a members are requested to create topics/pages for authorized access.
Modifications to the structure and content will be made by members, and assistance will be given if required.

What about the old wiki?

It is available here and will be eventually be take off. All relevant matter in that will be migrated to the new wiki, in consultation with the author.
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