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Topic Markup Language (TML)

What is TML: TML is a simple text markup language implemented in Foswiki (this Wiki), to achieve effects like boldface, italics, etc. It is much simpler than HTML and easy to use. In particular, when an user is entering responses into prompt or comment boxes, TML is what one has to use to make text more readable. This page is an abbreviated list for very quick reference. The full TML description can be found in this link here.

What else besides TML: Foswiki allows users to enter text using its built-in WYSIWYG editor. Users can also enter plaint text and use standard HTML markups to achieve higher readability, however HTML is higher skill than TML.
Basic Markup to enhance text:

If this is what you want This is the markup for example
Bold face text surround text with asterisks
*Bold face text*
italics surrount text with underscores
boldface with italics surround text with double underscores
__boldface with italics__
monospace letters surround text with "equals" sign
=monospace letters=

Colored text


Prefix text with appropriate color tag and end with ENDCOLOR tag.

All tags should have a % just before and after.

%RED%Red color text%ENDCOLOR%
Some other color names are BLUE, YELLOW, MAROON, PINK, BLACK

Markup for text formatting:

If you want this is the markup for example You get
new paragraph insert a blank like
This is para1.

This is para2

This is para1.

This is para2.

horizontal line,

three or more dashes at start of line and rest of line blank
This is some text
More text after a separator
This is some text

More text after a separator

three dashes at beginning of line followed by plus sign

followed by your text





Bullet list Multiple of three spaces followed by an asterisk
  • Birds
  • Animals
    • Dog
    • Cat
Numbered list Multiple of three spaces, a type character, a dot, and another space
   1. Idli
   2. Dosa
   3. Vada
  1. Idli
  2. Dosa
  3. Vada
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