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Distribution Lists are affected by Anti-spam and Anti-spoofing Measures.

Email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc, are continuously taking steps to protect themselves and their registered users from becoming victims of spamming and spoofing. However, the steps they take do directly affect some of the users who are also members of distribution lists, such as our (INO) Hypernews. Distribution lists, in a way mimic spoofing, therefore even though ours' is legitimate activity we are caught in the crossfire. How we are affected may vary time to time and from service to service, depending on their policies. Some sites may not perform any checks on incoming mail, some may simply flag a "suspicious" incoming email as spam or quarantine it, and some may bounce the email or even quietly delete it. In their war on spam and spoofing, ISP's help each other by adopting and implementing standard policies and by transparently publishing their policies.
INO hypernews members who have Gmail accounts may have noticed that some or all of INO Hypernews postings have been flagged as Spam by Gmail, or worse the mails were quietly deleted. It must be said that Yahoo!'s anti-spam policy is drastic - read this article about Yahoo! policy.

We have now implemented Sender Policy Framework (SPF) on the INO mailserver.

During past few days we have implemented the suggested policy framework (namely, SPF) that helps mail agents (Gmail, Yahoo!, CERN, etc) , to decide that email originating at ino.tifr.res.in is legitimate and not spam or spoofed. We will evolve and fine tune our policy settings as we go, based on feedback we receive from our users.
While we have implemented SPF, you as the user of an email service can take the suggested steps of your site (such as Google's recommended steps) to reduce the number of false positives in your case. Please do check your Spam folder occasionally, you may find many legitimate or important messages there! By "fasle positives" here, we mean legitimate emails that get flagged as spam.
INO-Hypernews members who have subscribed with their Yahoo! accounts are requested to register some another email address with INO Hypernews. (for reason, see the link given above about Yahoo! 's policy)

Two main INO-Hypernews forums:

Please take note that INO Hypernews has two forums where all registered INO users are subscribed by default. The two forum names and email addresses are:
"News and Announcements" : hn-ino-news@ino.tifr.res.in
"Meetings and Conferences" : hn-ino-meetings@ino.tifr.res.in
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