India-based Neutrino Observatory

INO Publications



  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/PUB/2018-01
    Can INO be Sensitive to Flavor-Dependent Long-Range Forces?
    Amina Khatun, Tarak Thakore and Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla
    arXiv.1801.00949 (2018)  [PDF]


  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/PUB/2015-01
    Sensitivity of the INO-ICAL detector to magnetic monopoles
    N. Dash, V.M. Datar and G. Majumder
    Astroparticle Physics 70 (2015).  [PDF]

  2. INO/ICAL/PHY/NOTE/2015-01
    Physics Potential of the ICAL detector at the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)
    S. Ahmed et al [The ICAL Collaboration]
    arXiv:1505.07380 [physics.ins-det]   [PDF]


  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/PUB/2014-02
    Enhancing sensitivity to neutrino parameters at INO combining muon and hadron information
    Moon Moon Devi, Tarak Thakore, Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla and Amol Dighe
    JHEP 10 (2014) 189.    [PDF]

  2. INO/ICAL/PHY/PUB/2014-01
    Probing Lorentz and CPT Violation in a Magnetized Iron Detector using Atmospheric Neutrinos
    Animesh Chatterjee, Raj Gandhi, and Jyotsna Singh
    JHEP 1406 (2014) 045     [PDF]


  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/PUB/2013-02
    Determining the  Neutrino Mass Hierarchy with INO, T2K, NOvA and Reactor Experiments
    Anushree Ghosh, Tarak Thakore, and Sandhya Choubey
    JHEP 1304 (2013) 009,arXiv:1212.1305     [PDF]

  2. INO/ICAL/PHY/PUB/2013-01
    The Reach of INO for Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillation Parameters
    Tarak Thakore, Anushree Ghosh, Sandhya Choubey, and Amol Dighe
    JHEP 1305 (2013) 058    [PDF]


  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/CONF/2009-01
    Physics program of the India-based Neutrino Observatory
    Srubabati Goswami
    Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 188 (2009) 198-200    [PDF]


  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/PUB/2007-01
    A Geant-based study of oscillation neutrino parameters at INO
    Abhijit Samanta, Sudeb Bhattacharya, Ambar Ghosal, Kamales Kar, Debasish Majumdar, and Amitava Raychaudhuri
    hep-ph/0702180    [PDF]


  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/CONF/2006-02
    Physics with India-based Neutrino Observatory
    Amol Dighe
    Conf. Proc. C060726 (2006) 292-295

  2. INO/ICAL/PHY/CONF/2006-01
    India-based neutrino observatory: the present status
    Sudeb Bhattacharya
    Prog. Part. and Nucl. Physics, 57, 299 (2006)


  1. INO/ICAL/PHY/CONF/2004-01
    India-based neutrino observatory
    G. Rajasekaran
    AIP Conference Proceedings (Ed. Adam Para) Vol. 721, 243 (2004)    [PDF]


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